Monday, July 28, 2008

Booster shots!

First I must apologize for not blogging about my mission trip or vacation yet ... I'm waiting for pictures. However I don't need pics. to write about camp...which was amazing! but i'll get to that later, after my docotor's appointment. yikes!
So, basically I woke up this morning with my brother leaning over me telling me to get up and start my day because I have booster shots at noon. ouch! those are the worst shots ever! My stomache began tightening and twisting in knots. (even as I type this my hands are sweaty and nervous). Yet, as I take time to breathe, my God has put this peace over me that it's going to be ok. Ya, they're gonna hurt...pretty bad, (I don't even know how many I'm getting) but the pain will only last a short while and this round is the last I'll ever have to have (so i've heard). Besides my Abba went through far worse pain on my behalf at the cross.
Please pray for the pain would mean alot to me.
Oh, while I'm at it please pray for my mother. She's having a trying day already. She woke up, went outside and discovered that our van had been syruped last night. She spent a significant amout of time, that she didn't really have, scrubbing the car. Plus, we have several appointment today and she's really stressed. Your prayers would be appreciated.
Much love...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Phantom of the Opera!

Hey guys I don't have much to say tonight. Well...actually I do, but it'll have to wait cuz I'm in the process of leaving to go to Phantom of the Opera with my cousin, Natalie! I'm So excited!Talk to ya'll later. =D
(Hey, We're back! It was amazing! I loved it. I'm so glad God blessed me with the opportunity to go... and to go with my cousin was just icing on the cake, esp. since I only get to see my cousins from Connecticut once a year. He's God and he can do that. I love my Abba.
Oh, if you haven't been to see it...I encourage you to go, esp. If you like music. The talent was indescribable.) ~I have the songs going through my head~ =D